Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 20, 2015

hey guys whats real? Glad to hear that everyone is still keeping busy;) just the usual right? Honestly I'm just slightly alarmed at how old everyone looks ( apart from hannah of course:) but just tell everyone to slow down please!! 
So I'm sorry that I didn't say anything before because I forgot, but the highlight of the week is that tomorrow we are having a big day. In the morning we are having a all-mission conference in the one and only stake center here in Cerro, so we spent all morning setting everything up, but its a big deal because it has been almost a year since the last one. Its pretty tough to get 220 missionaries to the same place. But after the mission conference we are all going to the other side of Montevideo for a conference with the other mission featuring Elder Oaks of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles! Crazy Right!? I'm super pumped because I have never been to a small conference like this and seen a member of the 12 like this before!! Everyone is going kinda crazy getting ready for it but it is going to be amazing! Im so excited to hear from him and get some revelatoin!! So yeah its going to be a big tomorrow and I cant wait!!
Apart from all of that fun jazz this past week was awesome! We are really focusing and helping the members of the ward get excited and feel the spirit about being active themselves and then spreading the good word, and what we have been taught to use is the doctrine of the gathering of Israel. It is a subject that many people do not know very much about, so it is something that opens their minds and they feel the spirit of the reality of the work and feel the urgency to do it, and then they start feeling about the people that they know that are in a position where they could accept the gospel. It is really amazing how the spirit works like that, but it has been increadible to see the desires that peolpe have to share the gospel when they feel the need for it in their own lives and in the lives of those they love. It also strengthens their own testimony, and the result is awesome! This week was one of the few times in my mission where probably 90% of the people we tought that needed the visit went to church. It was increadible!! Katy, our investigator, went again even though she came strait from work and had barely slept in the past two days! She is super excited for her baptism that is going to be on this saterday!! Her friend that passed the reference is also very excited, I think their family is coming from the other part of Montevideo for the baptism too. We aren't sure what happened with Graciela because we had a good charla with her and everything was going good, but she didnt come to church, and are phone doesnt have money so we werent able to call her to find out. she has a very dificult family life, and I really just hope she is alright. 
Elder Gonzales is a boss and I love being with him because we get along great and teach really well together. Our area is AMAZING and we have sooo much to do! We have been finding and teaching members like crazy and we also have a good group of investigators right now as well. There is so much potential and we are already seeing the lives of many people change. What I have re-learned this week is that the greatest happiness you can find in life is in the gospel. And that no sacrifice is too great. He knows us, He loves us, and He wants us to FOLLOW HIM. And so I will follow. For the rest of my life. I know the church is true. I know that we are involved in a great and marvelous work, much greater than we can imagine. I love you all, thank you for everything!!! 
Elder Degn
ps. This morning we got up super early and ran to the beach on the other side of the cerro, and we ran and chilled at the beach and then studied down there. So pumped to go back to cali and see the beach again. Sooooo beautiful in the morning!!!

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