Tuesday, April 28, 2015

March 16, 2015

Hey guys thanks for the party, it looked like some real good sheetcake!! I cannot wait to eat that stuff again, but my boys here hooked me up pretty good for my birthday. We live right across the street from the most famous place in Paysandu called Chaj√°. It is a desert place, and the other Elders we live with, Elder Woodcock and Elder Neilson (aka my bffs) bought me a cake from there and it was sooooo good! Especially with the ice cream I bought as my gift from President Smith. It was sooo nice! so don't worry yourselves, I had a good day, pizza, cake, and ice cream, what more can a boy want? Alright jk, but lets just say the next one will be even better right?:)
Apart from it already being a great week because it was my special day, we had such a miracle filled week!! We worked really hard to get back to all of the people that we found last week and it just worked out so good!! I love it when things go like you want, every now and then it is nice to have that stuff happen:) We went and tought our investigator Estela that couldnt go to church last week, but we had great lessons with her and her grandkids and nieghbor that also want to go to church, and this week she made it to church with her granddaughter!! It was so nice because she already knows one of the hermanas in the ward, and they really made her feel welcome and she felt so good! It was beautiful to watch!! She needs this so bad, and it makes me feel so good to see her be able to take these steps in her life! She is progressing really well and we are super pumped to see where she will get! 
The other family that we are working with right now, Yaquelin that is a recent convert and her daughter Lucresia that is getting ready to be baptized, are doing amazing as well! We went and taught Yaquelin about family history and such and she is doing great living the life of a member of the church, and her daughter has progressed so much! In the beginning I was a little bit hesitant to teach her because she didnt seem interested and didnt remember anything, but this week we repased a lot of the lessons and she shocked me with how much she knew and now has a lot more interested and does the things because she wants to and she likes to, something that you dont really ever see in that many people! She is getting ready to be baptized here in two weeks if all goes well! 
We also had an awesome experience this week while we were working with a member in our ward. She is an ex-missionary and has three kids now and she left to visit people with us but brought the youngest, Mateo, who has 14 months, in a stroller. So anyway it was fun being with her and her son, and we went to a family that we are working with where the kids are inactive and the parents arent members, and first off the grandma (that is also member) greeted us and was SO drunk! She grabed my arm when I shook her hand and firmly said, ¨dame un beso´ and I was like, ¨Im good thanks, maybe next year´. Haha it was hilarious but kinda freaked out the hermana we were with. But anyways in the lesson we were having the baby Mateo was making himself a lot of work crawling all over, and the hermana totally kicked into mission mode teaching this family with my comp, and I felt like it was more important that the hermana taught the lesson so I played mr. mom with this baby while they taught, and it worked out fantastic! The hermana was so pumped afterwards to have relived the glory days, and the lesson went great as well! Those little sacrifices are definitely worth it!:) 
So this week was definitely unforgetable, the Lord is really coming through for us, as long as we keed doing our part! This week is going to be a little hectic, but it is going to be awesome!! Thank you guys so much for everything that you do for me everyday, and Im looking forward to those packages!;) Sorry that you guys never knew me as the boss 19 year old that I was, but the 20 year old me will be even better!!
Les quiero con todo mi corazon!!
Elder Degn
ps. here we´ve got fotos of my birthday night bash, the service we did with a youth in our ward on my birthday, and me and silva at the huge catholic church a block from our house, cheers!!

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